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All the information contained here, and on this website generally, is publicly available knowledge and has been sourced from the following media - Irish Newspaper Archive, ALF SG Diary of Actions (UK) , HOWL (the magazine of the UK Hunt Saboteurs Association, Bite Back/Direct Action info website and the Talon Conspiracy website.

Essentially, any reference ever made to direct action for animals in Ireland in any of the Irish provincial and national media, or in any of the animal rights movements literature in the British Isles, is listed here. Newspapers not on the Irish Newspapers Archive, like the Galway Advertiser, are also included here. For educational, historical and entertainment purposes only.

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including the Green Moles, Lone Wolves, Hunt Saboteurs, the Animal Liberation Front and others.  

  "The grassroots, lunatic fringe appear to have succeded
commentary about the ALF war on the fur trade in the Southern Star (Dublin), Jan. 31, 1987

1964   -January, Northern Ireland, Co Antrim - persons unknown cut a large hole in cages holding hares due to be Coursed, forcing cancellation of the upcoming meet at Crebilly Coursing Club. Police speculate it was either the work of pranksters or "those opposed to blood sports.". Crebilly Coursing Club will make many an appearance in this Timeline.(1)


1982  - January, Waterford -  three masked men, one armed with a shotgun, raid Whitford Polo Grounds Coursing club, holding a security guard at gunpoint, and release 40 hares from cages. (1)


May , County Mayo, Inishkea Islands - Dublin Sea-Shepherd volunteers are joined by fellow Shepherds and Hunt Sabs from the UK in an 8-week mission on the Inishkea Islands off the coast of Mayo in the West of Ireland. The Irish State was planning to kill the local grey seal population because  fishermen complained they were 'stealing' 'their' fish. Fishermen had slaughtered over 100 seal pups the year before by shooting them in the face. They threatened to do the same again unless the Government carried out a cull. The State made two attempts to begin the cull but backed down in the face of determined opposition from the Sea Shepherd crew. The ten Shepherds, living in tents and an old abandoned Police station, stayed on at the Islands until all the seal pups had taken to the open sea, safe from the bullets of fishermen. (2)

Sea Shepherd returned to the islands in 1983 but the Government announced there would be no more culls. Seals are a protected species in Irish law.

October, Belfast - fur shop in city attacked twice over the month by ALF. (3)

November, Belfast - same fur shop and 1 mink farm daubed with paint and ALF symbol. (4)

December, Dublin and Meath - Hunt saboteurs disrupt the Fingal Harriers and the Meath Foxhounds with antimate spray and horn calls in Irelands first known acts of hunt sabotage since Fr. Eugene Sheehy and the local GAA sabbed the Limerick Bruree Foxhounds out of existance in 1886. (5)

Co. Tyrone, Crebilly Coursing Club - Direct Activists from the Queens University Anti-Bloodsorts Society - described as 'Communists' by the Coursers -  blockade and invade the Crebilly coursing field during its annual Coursing Festival - violence and arrests ensue as lots of media interest is attracted. The ALF had cut holes in the cages keeping the Hares the night before and 50 Hares escaped.(6)


1983 –   January , Co. Dublin - Hunt Saboteurs from Dublin are joined by comrades from across the UK and sabotage an impressive 4 hunts in 4 days of intense activity. Twenty Saboteurs successfully hit the Tara Harriers, West Meath Foxhounds, Louth Foxhounds and Goldburn Beagles despite violence and threats from enraged hunters and their support. The West Meath hunt were the most aggressive, with 7 sabs getting attacked by a mob of 40 hunt support.(1)

Eglish, Co. Tyrone - 50 activists from the Queens University Anti-Bloodsports Society stage a sit down blockade at a Hare Coursing meet, causing significant disruption and gaining lots of media attention.(2)




 Above - BORN KICKING AND SCREAMING - Queens University students get stuck in at the Crebilly annual Coursing Festival in Ulster. - blockades and pitch invasions were new to the anti-bloodsports movement in Ireland and made a welcome shift away from the impotent "silent-vigil' tactics of the conservative Irish Anti Live Hare Coursing Society. . These students were amongst the first wave of animal rights activists in modern Ireland. Inspired by the Civil Rights struggles of the late 60's, they formed their own organisations and employed direct action as a tool to bring change.  Images from the Belfast Telegraph



March, Dublin - Seven Sea Shepherds (try saying that when your drunk) stage a sit-down protest in the Canadian Embassy, protesting the Canadian States seal cull every year. (3)

August, Co. Down - 8 hens liberated from battery "farm" near Castlereagh. Damage also inflicted on premises. (4)

November - UK Sea Shepherds, fresh from keeping an eye on grey seals off the coast of Mayo, join forces with Belfast Hunt Sabs and hit the 3 separate hunts over a week. This was part of a skill-sharing gathering between activists from both Islands. Meanwhile Dublin activists were busy sabbing Beagle hunts in the area. (5) 

1984 – February, N. Ireland - fox-traps destroyed near Omagh. (1)

ONE HIT WONDER - June, Dublin - Animal activists going under the name the Green Moles raid premises of the Eastern Health Board and rescue several guinea pigs and rabbits. Anti-vivisection slogans sprayed on walls of lab. Activists described filthy conditions the animals were being kept to the media after the raid (2). The Green Moles do not appear again in the historical record.

Belfast - Adverts for upcoming Game and Country fair damaged and covered in slogans. (3)

July, Waterford - 3 vehicles at a poultry farm in Cappaquin have paint stripper thrown over them by ALF; 3 butchers shops damaged with graffiti and paint bombs;  advert hoardings for turkeys spray painted.(4)

August, Waterford - two unnamed local activists arrested and prosecuted for damaging butchers’ shops. These two anonymous individuals become the Republic of Irelands first animal activists to be prosecuted by the State. They were fined $30 each and ordered to pay costs.

Later that month 7 butchers’ shops in the city have locks glued, paint thrown over them and/or windows smashed. (5)

September, Dublin - angling shop in city has locks glued up and paint thrown over premises. (6)

 October, Co. Cork - PRETTY VACANT - ALF release 85 hares being held in cages by local Coursing club in Ballyellis. (7)


November, Co. Armagh- Scuffles break out at Crebilly Coursing Clubs' Ulster Cup when animal activists blockade the Club .25 activists from the Belfast Animal Rights Movement held a sit-down at the entrance of the Venue and ignored police requests to move so had to be dragged away forcibly. (8)

crebilly sab.jpg
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coursing 1.png





December, Dublin, Limerick and Kilkenny - stocks of Sunsilk shampoo removed from shop shelves following a threat made to the media and police by the ALF claiming some products had been contaminated with bleach. Sunsilk, owned by Unilever, experiment on animals. (9)

December, Dublin - Animal activists claim, via, phone calls to the media, they have poisoned turkeys on sale in shops in the run-up to Christmas. Police report they are taking this threat seriously. Thousands of turkeys from 35 Quinnsworth stores are removed and inspected by experts who conclude the threat to be a hoax. Turkeys then returned to stores. (10)

December, Co. Antrim - scuffles with police break out when a 100-strong crowd of anti-blood sports activists from the Anti-Bloodsports Society try to push through the police and blockade the entrance to the Crebilly Coursing event (again).No injuries but two arrests made.(11)

- above -Police remove an anti-blood sports activist from the entrance to Crebilly Coursing Club- from the Belfast Telegraph,November 14th, 1984.
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above - scuffles as police hold demonstrators back from the entrance to the Crebilly Coursing event  - picture from Irish Independent, December 28th,1984.
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above and below - animal rights activists and Coursers fight at Cashel during a Coursing event, Oct.13, 1985 - images from RTE archive

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above - demonstrators being violently dragged away by police, from the Irish Press,Dec 28,p.4.

Dungannon, N. Ireland - ALF hit same Coursing club twice in two nights- the first night they set free 40 hares ; the next night they return to tear down half the fencing around the Coursing field.(12)

Galbally, Co. Limerick - 15 activists from the Wildlife Protection Group break into a Coursing compound and release all 90 hares being kept there. The activists then set about destroying the compound before scattering broken glass around the coursing field before leaving. The Group promise further action in a phone call to the media.(13)



1985 –  January, Dublin - 3 animal abuse businesses were attacked in the Sandymount area of Dublin in the same night- windows smashed and slogans painted.(1)

February, Cork - 15 different butchers shops have "Meat is Murder' painted in red on their walls and windows by a 'phantom gang' of animal rights activists in a well-coordinated night of action. Action condemned by the Anti-vivisection Society.(2)




March, Dublin- Vivisection lab at UCD is hit twice in one month - slogans daubed on walls and damage done to facility. Slogans against seal cull daubed on Canadian embassy.(3)

Waterford - slogans daubed on house of local hare courser.(4)

April, Dublin - multiple butchers shop windows' smashed by ALF.(5)

May, Waterford - 7 snares taken from woodland.(6)

Dublin - fur shop window smashed.(7)

August, Waterford - the famous 'Master McGrath' monument is vandalised with tar and feathers being poured over it. The monument was built by the local Coursing Club to commemorate a particularly successful Coursing greyhound from 100 years ago. Note left at monument threatening more action if it's repaired.(8)

September, Mitchelstown, Co .Cork - ALF sabotage local Coursing field by spreading tacks and broken glass on the land. Captive hares also set free.(9)

October - Fights break out between animal rights activists and Coursers in Cashel - see archive RTE footage of te incident here -   (10) 

November, Bandon, Co .Cork - ALF once again target local Coursing Club, spreading 100lbs of glass and 10lb of tacks on the field. Club forced to move location.(1)

December, Co. Cork - Bandon, Cashel and Whitfield Coursing Clubs are all attacked by the ALF with glass and tacks once again spread on land designated for Coursing events. Hundreds of hares released back into the wild and damage done to Coursers' farms.(1)

Dublin - 3 butchers shops have windows smashed ; 4 trucks at an abattoir damaged.(13)


1986 – January, Waterford - butchers shop damaged ;  home of local courser attacked.(1)

Dublin - 3 butchers and a fur shop in city centre have windows smashed.(2)

Kilkenny - ALF spread glass and tacks on Coursing fields in Ballyragget. An 'army'* of Coursing supporters arrived soon after the discovery of tacks to clear the field ,delaying the event by only 50 minutes.(3)

John Fitzgerald from ICABS writes to the Mayo News to point out there's been a "massive increase" in attacks on Coursers property by the ALF over the last two months. "A Coursing Club can arrange for a venue to be guarded for up to three weeks prior to an event. But what happens after that? It could be attacked at any time...consider carefully before allowing a  valuable field becomes a target for the militants" he gently advised.


  *An "Army" that consisted of people whose only skill was in setting two dogs on one terrified hare probably wouldn't last long in actual combat.

February, Co. Cork - Violence flares at the annual National Coursing Cup in Clonmel when, allegedly,  ALF activists join some militant ICABS members in forming a human blockade across 2 of the 3 entrances to the car park of the stadium where the event was taking place. Blood sports enthusiasts and Police subsequently attack the demonstrators.(4)

"It s a rough, frantic and sometimes brutal business, a world of blood and   bone and knives and stench. One contractor told me ' you need to be half   savage to do it'  ".  author Fintin O'Toole on the Irish meat industry,from  We Dont   Know Ourselves , 2021 

coursing 4.png
- above - Police violently clear the car park entrance from demonstrators. Picture from the Irish Independent, February 6th,1986.
Master Mcgrath.png

- above - local Bloodsport and/or Statue fans cleaning up the vandalised McGrath statue. stock photo.

Interesting pub quiz fact - another statue commemorating Master McGrath in the New Forest, Hamphshire, UK, was stolen in 1990.Police initially though this was the work of the Belfast ALF. Police recovered the statue in a van during a routine check in 1992.The thieves were not linked to animal rights.

May, Kilkenny -  A Farmer who allows his land to be used by the local Coursing Club has glass and tacks spread on his property. The Farmer goes to Court to seek damages for this action but loses when its discovered the sabotaged land was back in use within a few days - (after exhaustive combing of the field by the farmer) ; A nearby Coursing field in Ballyragget also sabotaged.(5)

June, - ALF repeat threats of more sabotage to anyone involved in Coursing via letters to the local media throughout the Country. Police state they are taking these threats seriously. (6)

September, Dublin newspaper the Evening Herald report extensively on the growing number of ALF attacks around the country recently including: hundreds of hares released from a west Cork Coursing club ;  in Dublin a fur shop and butchers shop were stink bombed and vandalized , two furriers in Dublin city had locks superglued for the 4th time in a month, plus KFC and multiple butchers shops have had their windows smashed. Police estimate about 100 ALF activists in Ireland but only two prosecutions thus far. Anarcho-punks wearing ALF insignia in Dublin city centre periodically arrested and questioned but no charges brought. (7)

  "...a shower of madmen.." farmer J. Drennen on the ALF

-                     above - letter from the Irish ALF to the UK ALF SG Diary of Actions #18, p.33,1986.

September, Co. Kilkenny - ALF spread glass and tacks on the land of a pro-coursing farmer. Glass also spread on nearby Seven Horses 7-acre coursing field. Farmer J. Drennan described the attackers as a "shower of madmen" and warned "shotguns will be pulled" if they attempt doing this again. Police later raid a home in Kilkenny town and claim they've confiscated ALF propaganda. (8)

  " Shotguns will be pulled......"       

KIlkenny Courser John Drennan's warning about any more ALF action against his property.1986

October, Co. Limerick -ALF sabotage coursing fields in Glin with glass and tacks.(9)

October, Co. Cork - A mob of blood sports fanatics attack a group of ICABS (Irish Council Against Blood Sports) members who were attending a coursing meet incognito. One of them was a locally elected Fine Gael councillor. They were there to discreetly witness but not protest the event and the crowd were unaware of their affiliations until  police approached them and identified the 5 as ICABS activists. The Coursing crowd then turned on them ,accusing the 5 of being ALF activists. Police had to escort them away from the grounds under a barrage of insults, kicks and punches.(10)

November, Co. Kerry- Listowell Coursing  Club forced to relocate their annual meet to a secret out-of-town address after receiving threats of sabotage from the ALF.(11)

December, Co. Kerry - ALF spread glass and tacks on Ballybeggan Coursing Club racecourse. Tacks painted grass-green to make them extra hard to discover.(12)

Belfast - 3 butchers’ shops have their windows smashed ; a school's animal house was raided and 7 rats liberated;  Organiser of the Game and Country Fair has his car repainted and a fur shop in the city was spray painted.(13)


1987 –  January, Co. Limerick - ALF spread broken glass and tacks on land of Clounanna Coursing Club. The Club mount a round-the-clock vigil to prevent future attacks.(1)

ALF comms 2.png
- above from ALF Supporters Group Diary of Actions #18, p.33,1986.

"...but it does prove what one or two misguided     people can achieve......"

Opinion piece writer Maureen Fox in the Cork Examiner on the recent upswing in ALF activity, Jan. 12,1987






January,Dublin - ALF phone police and claim to have planted two incendiary devices in Switzers fur store in the city centre.Store and surrounding streets evacuated for an hour. Bomb squad are sent in.(2) see RTE News archive video footage of this incident here -


 - Pat Phelan, ICABS chairperson and regular denouncer of the ALF, is arrested and held overnight for questioning in relation to the recent attacks on Coursing Clubs around the county

.ICABS appoint regional 'managers' to keep a lookout for any potential sympathy for the ALF amongst its membership .Mr.Phelan admits many ICABS members secretly admire the ALF. Pat is released without charge the next day.(3)

watch an RTE interview with Pat here where he condemns the 'Animal Liberation Organisation' (ALF) -

Irish Coursing Club make reference in media to  a recent ICABS protest where one 'activist' was wearing a fur coat at the demo! When jeered at by the Coursers for such hypocrisy, said woman took the coat off,  turned it inside out and put it back on. To more jeers from the Coursing crowd, presumably. Unfortunately no photographs exist of this incident.

- Dublin- ALF pour petrol through the letterbox at the offices of the Irish Meat Exporters Company. They then set fire to the petrol. Walls of building spray painted with slogans. Minimum damage caused.(4)

- Dublin - Incendiary device destined for a fur farm in Co. Laois is intercepted at the General Post Office when the ALF phone the GPO warning of the package - the activists were concerned it might go off at the GPO prematurely. Bomb squad called in, city centre closed for 2 hours. Device erupts into flames when the bomb squad try to diffuse it.(5) wathch RTE News archive footage of the event here -

- Co. Limerick, Cloununna Coursing Club once again visited by the ALF and has tacks spread on 8 of its fields. The Irish Coursing Cup is due to take place here soon. Security beefed up.(6)

coursing 5.png
 above - Employess at the sabotaged Dunraven Estate with a sample of the nails and tacks they've found in the targetted Coursing fields in Clounanna, picture from Evening Echo,Thursday January 8th 1987.
angry hunter.jpg

above - a mink hunter enters the marketplace of ideas. Northants, UK, 1991. from HOWL#47.
Talking, then shouting, then pointing, then throwing rocks - the inevitable conclusion of debating with a hunter. Given this guys age,I doubt the rock went far. 

coursing 6.png
above -  sample of tacks scattered on the land.

- Co. Cork - Pat Phelan and ICABS treasurer Nuala McNamara arrested again under section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act. Both are held overnight for more questions about the recent ALF activity in Cork. Both released without charge. Both use the media attention to unhesitatingly condemn the ALF for their "outrageous" behaviour of late.(7)

-Dublin city centre - ALF phone in bomb threats at multiple locations around the city. One suspect device found but army bomb disposal robot unable to remove device, which turns out to be a telephone book in Christmas paper wrapping. Police admit having trouble apprehending the activists- "the ALF are a very mysterious group" the police state.(8)

-Dublin city centre- USIT travel agency has windows smashed because they were promoting bullfighting trips to Spain.(9)

Belfast- 9 shops - mostly butchers - have locks glued and windows smashed.(10)

February, Dublin- ALF set fire to 2,000 bales of hay at a farm in Swords. Family who own farm were in the newspapers recently for shooting 3 Alsatian pups who were on their land.(11)

 Co. Cork -ALF spread tacks on land that had recently been used by a local Coursing club in Clonakilty.(12)

March, Dublin -  ALF burn down a storehouse belonging to the Department of Agricultures' Pig-Testing station. Fire brigade manage to contain fire to this one building (13) ; Also in Dublin city a fishmongers van was paint stripped twice and a medical research laboratory in Beaumont was trashed causing $35,000 in damages. Medical research rooms were destroyed as were some vehicles.(14)

Co. Cork, Clonmel - ICABS join 'forces' with the Catholic Association for Defence of Animals and hold protest outside Clonmel Garda Station. The two groups state that the police are unfairly accusing them of ALF activities, stating the police are in cahoots with the local Coursing club and are abusing their powers to harass legal campaigners because they have no other leads. Gardai dismiss these allegations as 'absolute rubbish'.(15) John Fitzgerald, a long-time anti-coursing activist, recounted his experiences with the cops in his excellent memoir "Bad Hare Days". John describes a belligerent and highly biased police force who did not hesitate to threaten and intimidate him, then lie in Court to the Judge and Jurors about it, in order to (unsuccessfully) imprison him.

coursing 7.png
 above -ICABS go ACAB - ICABS and the Catholic Association for the Defense of Animals demonstrating against Police harassment outside Clonmel Garda station. picture from The Nationalist (Tipperary), Saturday April 11th,1987.

May, Dublin - Hylands butcher shop petrol bombed with two devices. This is the shops third visit from the ALF recently. The Butcher suggested the shop is targeted because of the many alleyways in the area, making it easy to escape. That, and the fact they have tortured animal carcass on display in their window.(16)


June, Dublin - The Pat Kenny radio show interview two balaclaved members of the ALF about the recent wave of attacks in Dublin city.The Activists claim they are in touch with ALF UK and have secured incendiary devices as used to devastating effect in shops all over the UK. The Minister for Communications orders a report into why RTE were giving airtime to the likes of the ALF.(17) ; Butchers shop window smashed in Glasnevin.(18)

July - ALF claim to have contaminated random bottles of Wella shampoo in stores around the country. Wella has connections with  commercial-use vivisection. Product removed and restocked with new product.(19)

Belfast - Pork delivery van covered in glue and paint ; KFC in city has its windows smashed.(20)

August, Belfast - Butchers shop, a fast food restaurant and a meat delivery van all have windows smashed.(21)

October, Co. Cork - ALF set fire to 300 bales of hay and an outbuilding at a farm believed to be involved in hare coursing. Wrong farm was chosen, their intended target was the adjacent farm.(22)

Dublin - 20 -year old Sioda O'Neil  is fined $50 for throwing a lump of coal through a local butchers window last April. O'Neil had travelled on a motorbike with an accomplice to McGavans butchers in Phibsboro and threw two lumps of coal at the window. One bounced off. Police apprehended both and when they searched Siodas' bedroom they found 4 copies of the ALF magazine 'Frontline' - described as a 'revolting magazine' by the presiding Judge. Sioda's light fine for the offence may be because his father was a retired cop. Siodas' accomplice also convicted but media don't mention his punishment - presumably also a fine.(23)

Co. Cork -  Happy to ignore the attack on ICABS members at a Coursing meet last October ,Middleton Coursing Club issue an open invite to any and all members of the ALF to attend a local coursing meet to see how harmless the 'sport' really is.(24) Obviously these Coursers forgot that the ALF do indeed visit Coursing grounds frequently, just not when their expected.

Belfast - ALF start fire at Associated Egg Packers Co. on outskirts of city. Police manage to control blaze.(25)

November, Co. Westmeath - Farmer Brendan Farley, Secretary of local Coursing Club, receives a letter from the ALF threatening arson and violence against him and his property if he continues his involvement with the Club.

"The Animal Liberation Front has a point to make..."
                                          Irish Press editorial,Jan. 24, 1987          

coursing letter.png
 above -sample of one of the threatening letters received by blood-sports fanatics

the letter reads - (the first six words are not in image)  -


"If you allow coursing on your land, we'll petrol bomb your lovely house. What we did at Ballyragget, Blarney,Mooncoin, Whitfield,Johnston,Cappaquin and other places is a picnic compared to what you will suffer if any coursing is held on your land."

phone photos and video 674.jpg

 John Fitzgerald of the Campaign Against Blood sports is accused of sending this and many other similar letters received by pro-Coursing farmers across the region. Police arrest and prosecute John but the trial collapses due to a technicality. Re-trail called.(26) watch footage of John outside court from the RTE archive here -

October - Dungannon, N. Ireland - activists spread 'fake news' that Dungannons upcoming Coursing meet has been cancelled due to a disease outbreak amongst the captive hares.(27)

November/December- Belfast Hunt sabs successfully sabotage the North Down Foxhunt and North Down Harriers. (28)


1988   Co. Cork, January - J. Fitzgeralds trial resumes  - John accused of sending out many threatening letters to other pro-Coursing farmers , similar to the one received by Mr. Farley. The letters are all hand written and begin with 'Dear Scum'.

John claims he was threatened with having glass shoved down his throat if he didn't confess to the letters at the Garda station and signed a confession of guilt. John later withdrew the confession in Court, claiming it was signed under duress. Jury fail to reach a verdict. Trial collapses for second time.(1)

Later in January the State announce they are dropping all charges against John.(2)

January-March - Belfast hunt sabs hit three hunts over this half of the hunting season. On their second hit, against the North Down Harriers, one of the riders ran her horse into who she though was a saboteur - turned out to be a reporter from the Sunday News. Ooops! (3)

April, Dublin - ALF claim responsibility for a spate of attacks on butchers shops around the city centre-  three butchers shops in Lennox street and Sutton street have windows smashed and paint bombs thrown all over them.(4)

"How would you like it if I shoved this piece of glass down your throat? Detective M. Scanlon to anti-blood sports campaigner John Fitzgerald (allegedly)   

ALF smash.png
 above -  Evening Herald,Monday April 4th 1988

June, Co. Cork - Pro-Coursing farmers in the region receive letters from anonymous animal activists threatening sabotage of their land if they persist in their 'sport'. Macroom Councillor Nora Murphy condemns the threats in the local media. Unusually, the letters also threaten physical violence to any farmers  who get in the activists' way.(5)

September, Co. Limerick - ALF contact local media to state they have once again spread tacks on the lands of the Estate of the Earl of Glin due to his continued involvement in coursing. Gardai are investigating.(6)

October, Co. Wexford - newly-cleaned "Master McGrath"  statue of a prize-winning Coursing greyhound from last century is unveiled at Ballymacmagee after twice being redecorated by the ALF - paint, and then tar and feathers, were thrown over the statue in recent attacks.$2000 was spent on cleaning the statue up.(7)

1989  March, Ulster, Mr Albert Titterington, organiser of Ulster's Games and Country Fair claims a campaign of hate and harassment has been waged against him and his property by the ALF. Over 300 separate incidents have been recorded, ranging from hoax call-outs from the fire brigade, ambulance service, taxis, pizza delivery, you name it, 'he' ordered it- to vandalism of his property. The constant attention forced Mr Titterington to move house and go ex-directory from the phone book.(1)

B Titterington.png
FARE GAME...Mr Albert 'did someone call a taxi?' Titterington - do not call this man a cab.Or ambulance.Or pizza.

above - customer Gail Finn describing almost using a "contaminated" L'Oreal hairspray.Belfast Telegraph,p.49,March 30,1990

Belfast - Two Belfast men - David Cusick and Edward Gilmore - arrested and accused of firebombing a car belonging to a foxhunter. Both held in custody.(2)

May, Dublin - A McDonalds in Dun Laoighaire is closed when the ALF phone in a bomb scare to a local Garda station. Police believe it to be a hoax but shut store down for a search anyway. Police also search other branches of McDonalds in the area.(3)

August, Dublin - ALF send threatening letters to two officials from the Dept. Of Agriculture demanding the Department stop leasing land to Coursing clubs. (4)

Pat Phelan of ICABS and the Green party condemn the threats. (5)

Despite Pats age, his regular condemnation of the ALF and the fact the police have twice brought him in for questioning recently and found zero evidence on him, 'Independent' newspaper columnist John Martin writes that Pat is still not doing enough to distance himself and his organization from the militants. (6)

September, Co. Waterford - Sir Hugh Downey of the Whitfield Estate in Waterford stops allowing the local Coursing club using his land after receiving threatening letters from the ALF. Club forced to find new venue.(7) see RTE News archive footage of the incident here -

Five other farmers receive similar threats. John Fitzgerald of the Campaign Against Blood sports once again arrested on suspicion of sending these letters. Police claim in Court that they found 32 similar letters waiting to be posted in Fitzgerald’s' house when they raided it. Mr Fitzgerald claims that the police themselves wrote these letters and threw them out the accused bedroom window, then blamed him for writing and then attempting to dispose of the evidence himself. Mr Fitzgerald cleared of all charges. Police fabricate denying fabricating evidence.(8)

Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford - Activists release hares from Coursing Club enclosure twice in one week but the hares are rounded up on both occasions. Clubs walls are daubed with slogans including "A.L.F.". Despite all this, the Club state they believe the work was done by vandals not anti -blood sports activists. Club mount a 24-hr guard to prevent future acts of vandalism.(9)









December, Belfast - ALF claim to have 'spiked' L'Oreal products with paint stripper in retaliation for the companies continued use of animals in commercial research. Tampered Products with ALF warning stickers placed on them turn up in shops in Lisburn and Belfast. Threat spreads south of the border and leading stores in cities in the Republic withdraw L'Oreal products from their shelves in a major operation (10); Also in Belfast, ALF attack a fur shop and a leather shop in the city centre - paint thrown over properties and "blood dealers' written on walls.(11)

secret army.png

above - from the Irish Independent, Nov. 14, 1991

"This product has been contaminated by the Animal Liberation Front, do not use."      



1990  -

February - the Norther Irish Iveagh Harriers foxhunt shoot themselves in the foot when their dogs rip apart a pensioners pet in her garden as she watched on in absolute horror on December 26th. Outraged  local media turn on the Hunt and the Belfast Hunt Sabs decide this is an ideal time to hit the Hunt hard- the Iveagh Harriers were sabbed every weekend until they cancelled all weekend meets for the season. The campaign culminated with a large blockade outside the hunts kennels on February 24th.(1)

"There's a tale of the mourner at a funeral who leaves the procession to the graveside when hounds happened to run by, and followed them....THAT is what beagling is all about, NOT catching a very wonderful and relatively defenceless and harmless animal"

P. Burrows writing in Hounds magazine, Dec. 1989 and winner. He perfectly sums up the pomposity, arrogance and indifference to the suffering of others inherent in the mindset of the trophy hunter. An absolute wanker.


  April, Belfast - ALF spike L'Oreal hair products again - 8 tampered devices show up at stores across Ulster with notes of warning attached to them. Stock withdrawn and shops on high alert across the Country.(2)

May ,N. Ireland - ALF burn down a hut used by Crebilly Coursing Club.(3)

July, Belfast - ALF damage vehicle and billboards belonging to the Ballymena Game and Country Fair organisation.(3)

September, Co. Tyrone - Oaks Park Stadium in Dungannon set on fire by ALF, causing $250,000 in damages. Stadium out of action for a year.(5)













ALF repeat  warnings via media to greyhound tracks all over the country to stay away from Coursing events or face sabotage.(6)

Munster - ALF threaten to poison water supplies to Cork, Kerry and Limerick counties if the upcoming Coursing season goes ahead. Cork County Council and Gardai state they are taking threat 'very seriously'.(7)

October, Cork - Cork County Council cut off water from 600 homes north Cork when residents there complain of 'unusual tasting' water. Samples taken show a slight excess of chlorine but thought to be a coincidence. No further action taken.(9)

                                ALF warning attached to a "poisoned" bottle of shampoo,Belfast 1990       

"We do like it when you chaps turn up - it livens up the afternoon" - supporter of Christchurch Beagles to a sab.
"Why? Do you particularly like going home?" sab to same Supporter before calling their hounds away and forcing them to pack up. UK,1991, HOWL#47.

above - the burnt out remains of the Old Stand at Oaks Park Stadium, Dungannon,N. Ireland. photo from the Belfast Telegraph, Dec. 10, 1991

McD cork.png
 - surprisingly casually dressed bomb squad officers enter Mandys fast food restaurant to diffuse a suspect device during City Jazz festival. Ones even rolled his sleeves up. I've approached lawnmowers with more safety gear than these two put together. Besides, the most dangerous item in this place is the fucking 'food' they serve. -  the Cork Examiner, Monday 29th October 1990.

  " the ALF are a very mysterious group..."     

above - An Garda Siochana  on the announcement of a new Police Unit dedicated to "smashing" the ALF,1989

November , Gardai announce a major two-month probe into increasing ALF activity across the Republic, in particular the posting of over 80 threatening 'poison pen' letters to Coursers by the ALF. Police claim, with absolutely no evidence, they have 'smashed' an ALF campaign to 'intimidate' blood sports enthusiasts.(10)

wathch archive RTE News footage covering this here -

November, N. Ireland - the  Northern Ireland Hunt Saboteurs Association announce their formation, stating their intent to save foxes from the sadistic clutches of the blood sports fraternity.(11)

Killarney, Co. Kerry - ALF phone in a bomb scare to a Killarny hotel as a disco was in full swing - Gardai evacuated the premises and conducted a search of the building but found nothing. Recent similar bomb threats in Cork prompted quick reaction from the police. Its unclear why the hotel was targeted.(12)

December, Limerick - ALF post turkeys with rat poison injected into them to the Limerick Leader and claim they have poisoned random turkey carcasses in shops across the country. Police are taking the threats 'very seriously'.(13)

Co. Antrim - ALF visit home of man involved in hare coursing and graffiti and throw red paint over his property.(14)







1991  January, Belfast - ALF attack 3 separate fur shops in city centre twice each in January and February.(1)

February, Co. Antrim - 25 Hunt sabs disrupt Killutagh foxhunt twice this month - the first time was marred by violence against the saboteurs who decided to respond by repeating their disruption.(2) ; ALF attack two furriers in the centre of Belfast, smashing windows and daubing paint on the walls and gluing up locks.(3)

March, Ulster- ALF set fire to an empty shed at Harriet Vale Poultry farm.10 chickens also taken from farm. Offices of 'farm' also trashed. This is the farms third attack in 10 years.(4)




















Ulster- ALF attack Fairview farm for holding a 'point-to-point' race to raise funds for local hunting club.$1000's in damage done - marquees burned and ripped with knives.(5)

April, Ulster - ALF target a farm on outskirts of Belfast - bales of hay set alight, tractor and potato harvester destroyed.(6)

July, Ulster - ALF attack property of the North Down foxhunt- windows smashed and slogans daubed on property.(7)

Ulster -ALF claim to media that they are in possession of plastic explosives with which to carry on their campaign of disruption to the animal abuse industries. The group state they've had a very successful year with 17 attacks carried out thus far, including recent petrol bomb attacks in Derry, Limavaddy and Cookstown on three pubs for their support of blood sports.(8)

July, Ulster - ALF set fire to a butchers shop in Newtownards, Belfast. Windows of leather shop also smashed in city centre.(9); ALF set fire to a refrigerated meat truck in CarryDuff.(10)



Ulster - ALF liberate hens from a factory 'farm' outside Cookstown.(11)

August, Belfast - ALF burn down 3 empty battery farm units and take turkeys from a fourth unit.(12)

Belfast - City centre closed off for a day when ALF phone in  a firebomb warning, claiming two devices have been planted in J. Braddell & Son's Gun and Fishing shop. One device found and bomb disposal squad make it safe.(13)

Ulster Unionist Party MP J. Taylor urges the State to proscribe the ALF, stating the groups activities  could " lead to the loss of human life". This follows an up-tick in ALF activity in the province recently, the latest ALF attack causing $6000 in damages to Lough Cowey fishing club.(14)

September, Ulster - ALF burn out a vehicle and caravan used by Dungannon Coursing Club. (15)

October, Ulster - UK Secretary of State Brian Mawhinney rejects recent UUP MP's appeal to proscribe the ALF under the Emergency Powers Act, stating the police have the required powers to deal with the threat the ALF pose (16) ; 8 people suspected of being in the ALF arrested and questioned about recent surge of activity - one, David Nelson, held on bail. David is charged with two charges of planting incendiary devices, one charge of planting a petrol bomb underneath a car, criminal damage and 5 counts of arson. He was already on a suspended sentence when arrested so bail was denied.

Charges of arson brought against another 4 regarding ten attacks over the last 18 months.

A 50-strong team of detectives had been following the defendants over the previous 3 months before raiding their homes.

November, Ulster - Boots the Chemist remove all bottles of Lucozade from all 14 of their stores in Northern Ireland due to a claim of poisoning by the ALF (Boots are involved in commercial animal experimentation) (17)  ; female hunt saboteur assaulted at Red Hills during a hunt by the Iveagh Harriers.(18)


watch 1991 BBC Public Eye documentary about the ALF in Northern Ireland/UK from this time here: HYPERLINK






1992  May, Belfast - Dave Nelson gets 3.5 years in the Maze prison for charges of arson and criminal damage to property belonging to blood sports fanatics and factory farms. Two others also receive prison sentences - Allister Mullen and Graeme Cambell receive 2 years each for similar charges. A team of 50 anti-terrorist officers from the RUC had been assigned to breaking the ALF in Ulster. These three activists, all from the same ALF cell, become All-Irelands first animal rights prisoners.(1)

After 6 months inside, Graeme appeals his sentence and the two Judges hearing his appeal considers his two-year sentence "too heavy" and suspend the sentence instead, meaning he is freed immediately.(2)

June, Dublin- Two butchers shops in Palmerstown have paint thrown over them and slogans daubed on walls.(3)

July - Belfast hunt sabs disrupt two coarse fishing match's on the river Bann by driving a small boat up and down the past the anglers, lobbing ligt gravel into the water. (4)



January - ALF burn down empty buildings and a vehicle belonging to Iveagh Harriers foxhunt. (1)

October- two ICABS activists who were attending a Coursing meet at Cashel incognito are attacked and assaulted by blood sports fanatics and dragged out of the grounds "despite having paid the full price of admission" They went to the Police who themselves went to the Coursing officials and returned the money to the ICABS members.(2)

November, Cork City - An ICABS public meeting on fox hunting is infiltrated by pro-blood sports fanatics and a spokesperson has a chair smashed over his head as the meeting was proceeding. The attack came out of nowhere, with no arguments or heckling leading up to it. The ICABS speaker needed 11 stiches on his head. As soon as it happened, scores of people immediately left the room. ICABS reckon most of the 90 people who showed up were pro-blood sports and the attack was premeditated. No arrests made.(3)


December, Belfast - City centre McDonalds has windows smashed and locks glued by ALF.(4)

Also in Ulster, encouraged by the HSA, a group of 120 Co. Down farmers form an anti-foxhunting pressure group called FROTH (Farmers Raising Objection To Hunting) to campaign against illegal trespassing by local foxhunts. The farmers have had enough of repairing infrastructure damaged by the rampaging huntsmen and their followers.

"The road was entirely blocked for over half an hour by the huntsmen's land rovers, horseboxes and men and women riding up and down as if they owned the road. The police officers present ignored this obstruction completely and concentrated on keeping other persons back (presumably anti-hunt observers). I can only say I was disgusted by the partiality displayed to the huntsmen by the police and got the impression that persons wearing hunting pink can do no wrong."  Ken Sloan, legal editor for the UK in-house police force journal Police Review, April 1993.

TWO HUNDRED farmers in Co.Down have endorsed the new group. "If i were to take a herd of bullock...and drive it through where they live, they might see things my way" said one irate farmer.

Interestingly the foxhunts publicly state this to be way more of a threat to their hunting than sabotage. (5)

Hunters have stared using whistles instead of horn calls to communicate with their hounds in Northern Ireland as the saboteurs were too good at imitating them. Flattery, of sorts.






























!994  - January, Cork  - ALF contact Evening Echo to promise a fresh wave of direct actions against Coursing Clubs across the Country. Police set up 24-hr guard at home of greyhound trainer Ger McKeenan after he personally receives death threats from animal rights activists. McKeenan had recently featured in a BBC documentary where he was caught 'blooding' young hounds - i.e. he was throwing live hares to hungry pups to condition ("blood") them to attack hares (1).This is illegal but is widely practiced through the Coursing world as its the only way the hounds can be trained to chase hares. Similar practices happen in most blood sports. Hares and foxes are not natural prey to these dogs.

McKenna later barred for life from the English Greyhound Darby because of this.





Ulster - Kevin Carson , a hunt saboteur, starts legal proceedings against a member of the Newry Harriers after being assaulted by him. This is the first civil case against a hunt in Ireland, north or south.(2)

February, Ulster - ALF post a wave of incendiary devices to blood sports targets across the UK and Republic Of Ireland.(3)

March, Co. Tipperary - ALF post parcel bomb to HQ of the Irish Coursing Club in Tipperary. Recent revelations on TV of the Irish Coursing Club regularly feeding hares strapped to poles to hungry greyhounds inflames public opinion.(4)

May, Ulster - ALF set fire to a building belonging to Queens University Psychology lab, presumably for experimenting on animals.(5)

July, Ulster- ALF target house of the Master of the County Down staghounds but attack his fathers house by mistake , himself a retired hunts master.(6)

Ulster - the Belfast Telegraph report that Northern Irish hunt saboteurs have been teaching Republic Of Ireland activists the art of hunt sabotage. Dublin activists have also been out sabbing with their counterparts in the North to gain first-hand experience in the techniques of effective sabotage.

\40 activists from across the Republic attend a weekend seminar on hunt sabotage in preparation for the upcoming foxhunting season in September. Up to 100 activists intend sabbing hunts all over the South.(7)

alf van.png
butcher delivery van emblazoned with ALF logo,Limerick city,circa 1991
ger mckenna.png

MEGA DETH THREATS- Ger McKeenan about to strangle a dog

" those creatures they seek to protect, (the ALF) should be put down when they are so desperately and pitifully sick."        moderate Pat Brosnan openly calling for the execution of  extremist animal liberation activists in the Irish Examiner, Oct. 1,p.3,1990       

(the hunt) "accepts that the threat to hunting...posed by farmers eclipses that posed by hunt saboteurs" - from an article about the newly formed     FROTH, Belfast Telegraph, Dec. 29, p.10,1993     

froth (2).png

above - headline in Belfast Telegraph, Dec 29 1993 

“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.”  Yehuda Bauer, Holocaust historian

  "Anyone who thinks the meat industry is conducted according to the principals of Mother Theresa from Calcutta would be mistaken"
Larry Goodman, Irish Beef Baron, at the Beef Tribunal 1991

old mac.png


Ulster - ALF claim to have sent 3 parcel bombs in the post to individuals involved in the Game and Country Fair at Shanes castle.(8)

The local Free Presbyterian Church (AKA The 'Wee Free's' / Ian Paisleys lot) also oppose the Fair, but only because its being held on Sunday, the Lords day of rest.

ian P.png


 above - Its hammer time! Ian Paisley - (used to be) opposed to animal abuse, but only if its happening on Sunday.

August, Belfast - Nina Wilson, a Belfast-based animal rights campaigner and hunt saboteur, denies accusations she planted a firebomb in Parsons and Parsons hunting shop. Nina is held on remand and questioned about this attack and others. Police claim to have found fibres of Nina's' gloves in the pocket of the coat the device was apparently left in. They also found an open box of firelighters at the suspects house when they raided it.(!)

Nina is acquitted by the Jury and vows to continue fighting peacefully for animal rights.(9)

October, Cork - Police contacted by a major shipping company when they receive a parcel in  the post with stickers on the parcel promoting animal welfare. The company believed it to be a bomb as they had been attacked by the ALF recently over their involvement in the live export trade. When police inspected the suspect device, they discovered it was merely a campaign video sent to them by Compassion in World Farming . They hopep the Companies Directors would watch the video and it would dissuade  from further involvement in the trade. (10)

September - first wave of foxhunt sabotage begins in the Republic of Ireland, with hunts in Dublin and Galway receiving regular attention from saboteurs. Violence from mounted huntsmen at second Galway Blazers foxhunt sabotage, with activists being whipped and horses used as battering rams against sabs. Nevertheless, sabotage successful and hunt left confused and , ahem, 'outfoxed'.(11)

1995 -  January, Galway- major incident at Galway Blazers foxhunt when the hunt turn on sabs and engage in a prolonged, and premeditated, attack on sabs, trying to overturn vehicles, damaging cars belonging to the sabs and physically assaulting any sab they could get their hands on. Local hunt supporters join in the assault. Sabs have camera equipment stolen. Most of this takes place in full view of the 6 police present. The cops refuse to intervene or assist sabs, and refuse to present evidence to the DPP*, stonewalling the attempted prosecution against the Blazers by the saboteurs. (1) *DPP = Dept. of Public Prosecutions AKA Don't Prosecute the Privileged 

Belfast - ALF plant firebombs in Woolworths and Habitat in city centre. British army bomb disposal diffuse both devices.(2)

-above headline from Irish Press,Febuary 23rd 1995.

Co. Carlow and Co. Roscommon - ALF release hares captured and caged by local Coursing Clubs. Pat Phelan from ICABS yet again vocally condemn these actions in the media but is then himself criticised by groups like  the Alliance For Animal Rights and CACS for endlessly condemning peaceful ,if illegal, direct action. AFAR and CACS welcome the ALF's actions and describe ICABS as out of touch with the realities of the struggle for animal rights.(3)

- above from the Irish Independent, Dublin,Feb.6,p.16,1995
-above headline from Ulster Herald,February 18th,1995

July, Co. Down - ALF post a hoax bomb to a live animal exporter, Mr. Sam Smyth of Crossgar, Downpatrick. A suspect device in a jiffy bag was dealt with by bomb disposal. Mr Smyth has received numerous threats in the recent past from animal militants and police advised him and all others involved in the export trade to be on alert.(4)


1996 -  March, Ulster - RUC inform Gardai that an ex-loyalist paramilitary-turned-ALF activist is planning to bomb any port involved in live animal export ,north or south of the border. Gardai heighten security in ports across the country as a result.(1)

Belfast hunt saboteurs focus on sabotaging the County Down Staghunt, a particularly obnoxious variant of hunting and one of only two of its kind (the other being in the Republic of Ireland across the border). These Stags are bred for the purpose of hunting, so-called ‘bagged’ hunting. A dozen vehicles packed with sabs blockaded the road outside the stag farm all day and prevented the hunt. The convoy of saboteurs left when dusk fell. Police arrested 9 Saboteurs under the brand-new Criminal Justice Act but the charges were all later dropped. This was a common outcome for activists charged under the CJA due to the law’s vagueness and unreasonable nature. (2)

August - UK and Irish ALF both phone in calls to media threatening sabotage on any port involved in live export. Cork port singled out as first to be attacked should this trade resume.(Live exports had been put on hold due to the outbreak of Mad Cow disease (BSE).(3)

ALF also name specific companies they are targeting. These companies hire Private Investigators to track animal rights activists.(4)

Media report ALF activists suspected of being among the recent influx of New Age Travellers from Britain fleeing the Thatcherite Junta....Zero evidence offered for this.(5)









September, Cork - A live export ship has a petrol bomb thrown on to its deck in what police initially think is an ALF attack. Turns out it was done by a local prostitute and her 'John' in a dispute over payment with some of the crew on board. Fire quickly brought under control. Bomb narrowly misses tons of very flammable hay on the ship. Sailors, eh?can't take 'em anywhere.(6)

Media report that the UK police are still sharing details on UK animal activists with Gardai.(7)


1997 -  MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL - January, Co. Waterford - local saboteurs are joined by 23 sabs from the UK and descend on the annual foxhunt at Kilmeaden. Gardai get wind of arrival of UK sabs and stop their transit van en route to the hunt meet point - cudgels and whips confiscated from the saboteurs. Despite this the day quickly becomes violent and a battle between balaclaved sabs and hunt support becomes known locally as the Battle of Houghtons Cross .Stones, clubs, whips and boots used by both sides despite a strong police presence. Five sabs are injured, one hospitalised but later self -discharges. (1) One UK sab was arrested for possession of offensive weapon - a whip - and bailed but never returned to face charges. Judge orders a bench warrant for his arrest.(2) Hunt left in disarray. ICABS condemn the saboteurs actions.

The hunts Master, Nigel Cox, is a convicted violent criminal following an incident at a hunt in the UK in 1985  where he shot at an occupied hunt sabs van, blowing a hole in the vehicle's radiator, attacked a saboteur with the gun butt and damaged a camera. For all this he received a 3-month suspended sentence* (3). Clearly a man with friends in high places. One wonders what sentence from the Courts a hunt saboteur might have received if he/she had shot up a hunt vehicle. More than a three month suspended sentence methinks....

The Irish Master of Foxhounds spokesman J. Norton called on the State to be more stringent with animal rights protesters yet fails to mention Cox's previous criminal history.(4)


unhappy hooker.png

                         - above from the Sunday Independent, Sept. 06, 1996

NIgel Cox MFH.png
- above - Convicted criminal and Master of Foxhounds Nigel 'both barrels' Cox
N Cox gun.png
- here he is again looking totally normal.

March, Co. Kilkenny - Ten hunt saboteurs get in an altercation with supporters of the North Kilkenny foxhunt at Gathabawn. Police are called to the scene - The Saboteurs had successfully split the hunting pack using the 'Gizmo" and horn calls, enraging the hunt who blockaded the sabs in their vehicle for the 20 minutes it took the police to arrive. The hunt support disappeared as soon as they saw the police.(5)


April, Co. Cork - Compassion In World Farming, a group not usually known for its surreptitious activity, sneak a camera into a formal tour of the Teagasc pig breeding research facility to record the suffering of the animals there. The pigs are kept in tiny stalls and tethered by rope. The research centre investigates ways to squeeze more and more out of the animals so farmers can maximise profit. CIWF use the video as part of their 'Freedom for Irish Sows' campaign.(6)

August, Co. Meath - hunt saboteurs manage to secretly film the digging out of a fox gone to ground, an illegal act and one formally condemned by the hunting fraternity, though commonplace. The dig-out takes place at the request of the notorious Ward Union hunt and causes public uproar.(7) - short film about fox dig-outs


1998 - February, Ulster - ALF post a letter bomb to a solicitors office in Lurgan, Co. Armagh. Solicitor involved in local hunt. Device fails to go off.(1)


1999  - February, Co. Carlow - 8 sabs manage to sabotage a local foxhunt in Bagenalstown so successfully that the hunt abandon chasing any foxes and turn on the sabs instead. Sabs withdrew in 2 vehicles but one vehicle got hemmed in by 3 range rovers full of outraged huntsmen. An altercation ensued, with one sab getting dragged out of his vehicle and the car keys stolen. The huntsmen then disappeared. The keys were later found nearby on a wall. Sabs shaken but unharmed.(1)

above - Irish Independent,Feb.22,p.3,1999.

2000 - October, Co. Offlay - ALF release 30 hares from cages at Edenderry Coursing club. Pat Phelan of ICABS condemns the action. Bernie Wright of the Alliance for Animal Rights welcomes it.(1)


2001 - January, Co. Galway, - Irelands third largest Coursing club has all its hares stolen by another Coursing club, forcing them to cancel their meet. Untrustworthy lot, those Coursers.(1)

Meanwhile the ALF paid a nighttime visit to the venue for the upcoming Open Leinster Coursing Final, destroying the field and forcing the cancellation of the Final.(2)

Co. Offaly -Police called to scene of confrontation between 10 saboteurs and the Streamstown Harriers.(3)

Co. Waterford - a lone saboteur is attacked by four terriermen as he was unblocking burrows. "We''ll do you and we will get away with it again" shouted one of the terriermen, referring to the Battle of Houghtons Cross in 1997 when a pitched battle broke out between dozens of Saboteurs and Waterford fox hunt supporters. (4)

December, Limerick - ARAN* and CALF* activists storm the Ryan hotel who have leased a room to Barnardos furriers for the weekend. The 5 activists locked themselves together in the hotel lobby at 6pm and began chanting anti-fur slogans. Meanwhile activists from around the country jammed the phonelines of the hotel to further drive the message home. Stink bombs were also set off. No arrests were made.(5)

*ARAN - Animal rights Action Network (now defunct) ; CALF - Campaign Against Leather and Fur


2002  - November, Co. Meath - a male fox hound belonging to a Country Meath Hunt was liberated and rehomed. This dog, when seen by a vet, was covered in ticks, fleas and lice and had lumps all over his body. The dog has now settled in happily with his new family.(1)


2003 -  January, Co. Meath - 4 anti-hunt demonstrators from the Association of Hunt Saboteurs are attacked by a vile mob of blood sports fanatics at Kells, Co. Meath. Banners are torn down and punches aimed at them by the enraged mob. Police refuse to take any action, either during the assault or afterwards.(1) It is beyond ironic that the Hut fraternity regularly complain how the presence of saboteurs is distressing to their children. They then go and physically attack people with whips in broad daylight and with complete impunity from the law. One might think this a more distressing sight for their children than the mere presence of sabs.

above - three activists in ghost masks locked together and sitting in hotel foyer.
Limerick Leader,Dec.5,p.1,2001.

   "Lets just say that I would not like to get on the     wrong side of these people..."                                 
   pro-hunting campaigner on the fox-hunting fraternity, Irish Independent, Nov. 8, 2000          

- right -THE UNBEARABLE SMUGNESS OF BEING -this is the Co. Meath hunt on the day of the assault. Where's Brian Masters when you need him? Note how most of the Riders seem to 'turn the other cheek' when the Press are around.

The child in the photo is about to witness his parents attack peaceful strangers in the street , a fox ripped to pieces by a pack of dogs and he will then have the blood of the mangled fox smeared on his face. All in a days fun for these smug, entitled, arrogant, violent creeps. Photo from ,Meath Chronicle,Jan.4,p.3,2003.






February, Co. Offlay - ALF release 1000 mink into the wild from a mink fur farm in Laois. Extensive video footage also taken and sent to above-ground animal rights groups for further dissemination.(2)

June, Co. Kildare - ALF destroy 40 squirrel traps that were set up by the EPA and the Zoological Dept. of Trinity College, Dublin.(3)

Dublin - Circus Vegas, who are touring Ireland at the moment, had their signs pasted with 'Cancelled' stickers  and other signs were removed. One large sign was sprayed with the initials 'A.L.F.'(4)

Co. Waterford - John Tierney is sentenced to jail for two months for breach of the peace during a  foxhunt by blowing a fog horn during the hunt proceedings, frightening the bejasus out of everyone's horse's apparently. The Judge presiding over the case states he would have understood if people had "caught him by the "scruff of his neck" at the time due to the shock he caused.(5)

John immediately appeals the sentence and wins.

above- John Tierney hunt sabbing.
get yer earplugs ready....
image from Irish Examiner, Dec11, p.8 2003
meath hunt.png
above- a Fox literally torn in half by hounds . stock imagF

above - Death Cult - a Child getting fox blood smeared on his face. He looks delighted. I don't usually say this but this kid would be better off stuck inside on a Playstation. stock image



July, Co. Dublin -communique from the ALF - ' Circus Vegas was paid a visit by the ALF during its stay in Celbridge. Direction signs and advertising posters were removed. Large metal signs had red paint poured over them and one of their trucks had brake-fluid thrown across it. Signs were pasted around the Cellbridge area, by the ALF, informing local residents of the reasons why they should boycott this circus.'(7)


2004  - January, Co. Kildare - ALF liberate 2 hens from a factory farm. The owner bizarrely claims the hens would probably have died 'within half an hour' after being liberated. He fails to explain how or why. The activists name the birds Ginger and Rocky after two characters in the recent 'Chicken Run' movies.(1)

Four anti-hunt protesters are once again attacked by members of the Meath Hunt in full view of police who remained passive throughout the attack.(2)

April, Meath - The AIB bank formally withdraw all financial and moral support for the Ward Union Stag hunt following media pressure from the Association of Hunt Saboteurs.(3)

June, Co. Meath - communique from the ALF - "The Vegas Circus had an unexpected visit from the ALF last night. Before their performances even started all of their promotional and directional signs were removed and destroyed. These signs were mostly on main roads, some being over eight foot long."(4)

July - Dublin - Activists from AFAR are assaulted by circus goers as they handed out leaflets outside the Circus Vegas in Castleknock. Two were punched to the ground. Police and activists toured venue after assault but couldn't find assailants. Besides hunt sabotage, protesting a circus is a sure fire ay to be punched.(5)

October, Limerick - ALF damage huge billboards inside Greyhound stadium for its support of Coursing.(6)

Mallow, Co. Cork - On the opening night of the Dare Devils circus in Mallow , ALF activists completely remove and destroy huge billboards and poster boards advertising the circus.(7)

November, Dublin - The ALF entered Shelbourne Park Racing track undetected in broad daylight and blocked up the toilets in the main building. This action was in protest at the slaughter of thousands of Greyhounds at the hands of Bord na gCon*.(8)

*Bord na gCon are a semi-state body that regulate, and finance, the Greyhound industryThis year (2021), the taxpayer subsided this cruel, dying 'sport' to the tune of $19.2 million Euro. Next year they're getting $17.6 million.

December, Dublin - Signs advertising Fossets circus in Booterstown were pasted with 'cancelled' stickers.(9)

Monknewtown, Slane - ALF rescue ten turkeys from a Russels breeding farm. Farmer denies raid happened.(10)

Kildare - Eight chickens were taken from Enfield Broiler Breeders in Allenwood South.(11)

Limerick -  ALF scale high fenced walls and enter a wild bird holding cell in Limerick city. These wild birds would have eventually being either bred or sold on. ALF open the cages and free all birds.(12)


2005 - January - ALF contact national media and repeat their threats of sabotage, including arson,  against all who actively support Coursing.(1)

Co. Tipperary - an ALF unit  attacked the hare-coursing venue Powerstown Park Racecourse in Clonmel.In a two-hour operation, ALF members spread nails and tacks on the hare-coursing field of the racecourse and at the entrance to the venue. A number of incendiary devices were also placed around the racecourse. An ALF spokesperson said  further attacks were planned on this venue in the run up to the National Hare Coursing Finals. The spokesperson said that war had been declared on animal abusers in Ireland.(2)

February, Co. Dublin - Two large twenty-foot long signs advertising the Fingal Harriers Hunt were removed from fly-overs in County Dublin.(3)

May, Co. Dublin - Bird shooters arrived back to their cars to find their locks had been superglued and paintwork had been keyed with the initials "ALF". This is the second warning they have received attention from the ALF.(4)

Dublin - "exotic" butchers in Terenure has its locks filled with superglue gel ; butcher's van in Ballinteer was covered in paint stripper.(5)

Dublin - A fishing/shooting store in Lucan was targeted by the ALF  . The shutters, which display a badly painted scene of fishing and shooting, "have now been artistically altered with bright red paint displaying the initials 'ALF' ". Locks also glued.(6)

June, Kildare -Over 70 Circus posters torn down, Dare Devil circus vandalised ; A farmers field that the Circus were due to use had its entrance gate locks glued up.(7)

July - national paper Sunday Independent report ALF activists have begun spying on senior employees of two major animal research companies in Dublin (Glaxo Smith-Kline and Myeth Co.).(8)

 Dublin - house of a well known fur shop owner in Rathfarnham was visited. A Volvo car was covered in paint stripper.(9)

August, Limerick -Three goats removed from a traveller halting site in Limerick city. The animals were placed in a safe, secure home away from the  miserable life they had up until then.(10)

Dublin - Two cars containing fishing gear were damaged whilst they were left parked at the harbour. (11)

October, Dublin - Circus posters promoting Circus Vegas destroyed.(12)

Dublin - A bookies shop in County Dublin has its locks superglued 'in protest at the exploitation and abuse of both race-horses and Greyhounds for racing.'(13)

November, Co. Meath - ALF damage vehicle and property of Irelands only exporter of the European Common frog for use in experiments throughout Europe. The frog farm owner, Denis McCarthy, expressed dismay at the attack in the media, stating he had been in touch with the ALF via an intermediary and "I was under the impression they would leave me alone as I'm winding my business down" he said. He was wrong it seems.(14)

December, Dublin - - ALF pay a visit to Barnardos Furriers. Red paint was poured all over the locks and shutters. On the same night, ALF members paid a visit to a butchers shop near Stephens Green and poured red paint through its letter box. Also, a nearby hunting supply shop has locks glued and its shop front was redecorated in red paint.(15)

Limerick - ALF daub red paint all over the  doors and deface the signs of a hunting store in Limerick city.(16)



2006  - January, Waterford - ALF report they have been systematically removing hundreds of badger snares set by the Dept. of  Agribusiness over the last 6 months.(1)

March, Dublin - In the early hours of March 28th the ALF visited the home of Caroline Barnardo and paint stripped her car. Caroline Barnado owns Barnardo Furriers, Dublin's oldest, and most frequently attacked, fur shop. (2)

April, Co. Dublin - Fossetts Circus in Leixlip have their signs removed and destroyed. On the same night a Hunting&Fishing shop in Lucan has it's locks glued. and 'ALF' sprayed across the front of the shop.(3)

May, Dublin - 100 circus signs belonging to Duffy's Circus are destroyed.(4)

June, Dublin- more circus signs defaced and destroyed.(5)

August, Co. Waterford - circus signs destroyed in Tramore. "This is in retaliation for beating up a 76 year old woman protestor recently." said the ALF communique in reference to a recent assault by circus thugs on a protestor at a previous location.(6)

Dublin - Over sixty circus advertising signs are destroyed belonging to Circus Sydney during their stay in Balbriggan. This circus abandoned a monkey for a week in a van without food, also this circus has attacked protestors on four separate occasions.(7)

October ,Co. Dublin -  4 large advertising signs for the Ward Union Point to Point are destroyed with paint ; Over 60 signs belonging to Circus Hoffenburg erected on the Navan Road  are removed and destroyed.(8)

Co. Meath - Over 40 Advertising signs for The Royal Russian Circus are destroyed or removed. (9)

Co. Carlow - A Bookmakers in County Carlow has its locks glued in retaliation for the cruelty involved in the racing Industry. 'ALF' sprayed on its windows ; Butchers shop belonging to an abattoir owner has its walls covered with red paint. This is the third time this premises has been damaged. (10)

December ,Dublin - hunting and shooting shop  has its shutters covered in paint.(11)

Dublin - ALF visit Barnardo furriers and Rohu furriers  on two occasions and all their locks are superglued shut, all locks have to be replaced ; Also one furrier has some 'redecoration' work done on their shop front.(12)

2007  - January, Co. Meath - Shooter's car paint-stripped, and windscreen wipers and locks superglued.(1)

Dublin city -  animal rights activists glue the locks on four Dublin fur stores - A Store is Born, Rohu Furs, Barnardos Furriers and Sydney Vards Furriers are all targeted. Again.(2)

Co. Westmeath - Ten unattended hunt vehicles were paint strippered . Thousands of euros in damage caused. (3)

car sabbed.png
- above - Johnny Rotten -  huntsman John McCornack with his badly damaged jeep. apologies for the awful quality of this image, there must have been a nuclear bomb exploding in the background or something.

Co. Kildare - A vehicle belonging to a fisherman had brake fluid poured over it and its locks glued while he pulled fish from a river.(4)

February, Kildare-  A butchers shop has its door locks glued shut and a Hunting shop has its locks superglued for the 7th time.(5)

Co. Carlow -  A Fox hunt  has its roadside signs advertising its annual Point to Point destroyed and removed.(6)

March, Co. Galway - The Galway Blazers Hunt has one of their vehicles damaged, with tyres slashed and windscreen broken at their meet at Curleys Pub.(7)

March, Dublin - city butchers shop daubed with paint.(8)

Kildare - meat van paint strippered.(9)

April, Wexford  - The Royal Russian Circus has 60 advertising boards destroyed in County Wexford.(10)

May, Dublin -  60 signs advertising the circus are destroyed; Three of Dublin's fur shops-- Bernardos, Sydney Vard and Rohu-- have their locks glued and red paint poured on them.(11)

Kildare - A hunting and shooting shop in County Kildare has its locks glued (yet again).(12)

June, Dublin - 30 Circus advertising signs for Circus VEGAS are removed or destroyed in Maynooth/Blanchardstown area.(13)

July, Dublin -  locks of a Butchers shop in North Dublin are super-glued.(14)

August, Dublin - 5 bookies and 2 butchers shops have  their locks glued ; 3 fur shops have locks glued and slogans spray painted on their shutters ; Trinity College has one of it's entrances spray-painted with slogans such as 'vivisection is scientific fraud', 'we're aware of your animal cruelty' and 'animal abusers'.(15)

September, Dublin - Dublin ALF carry out an action against Howard Vard (owner of Sydney Vards fur shop). His home is visited and his black BMW is destroyed with paint stripper.(16)

October, Co. Meath - Circus Vegas in Fairyhouse is the target of the ALF when about 50 advertising signs are destroyed.(17)



2008  - January, Dublin - Anti-fur protestors launch paint attacks on two Dublin city centre clothing shops over the Christmas holiday. Red gloss paint  thrown across the front of The Turet and the Harlequin stores (1); Forty Circus Vegas advertising signs  destroyed  and eight  gun club signs removed or graffitied.(2)

March, Co. Laois - communique from ALF - "last weekend, the  Animal Liberation Front visited Ireland's largest fur farm - Vasa Ltd, in Co. Laois. The ALF made their way through the locked gate in a matter of seconds, and then the real fun started...A quick scan of the area showed that the sheds were enclosed in an area secured by corrugated steel. No problem - a huge hole was then cut into this, the wire mesh behind it snipped, and the hedgerow behind that was then cleared - to allow the Mink easy access to the river running beside this concentration camp. Graffiti was sprayed all around the place, including the signature 'ALF' calling card.300 breeding cards were removed from one of the sheds, and then destroyed. Moving onto the next shed, 300 Mink were liberated and were then guided to freedom, before the ALF disappeared into the darkness. It was unbearable to have to leave the others behind. Una and Michael Heffernan are responsible for murdering over 45,000 Mink on this death camp every year. It's time to make them pay for this."(3)

May, Dublin - communique from the ALF  - "fur shops such as Sydney Vard furriers and 'Barnardos' were spray painted with slogans such as 'FUR IS MURDER', 'FUR SCUM' and of course 'A.L.F.' and the locks were glued while 'rohu' furs had their locks glued. La Cave' restaurant who sell the cruel 'fois gras' duck/goose liver dish was also targeted with spray paint. Trinity college, who openly enact in vivisection, had their science entrance sprayed with 'vivisection is scientific fraud', 'free the animals', 'vivisection-lies' and, 'ALF'. Also, a local tattoo parlour, who up until recently before being sold to a new, loving home held a python snake in a small tank and cruel conditions in their studio, had their front window spray painted and their locks glued as pay back for the snake."(4)

June, Dublin- over 100 Duffys circus posters removed and destroyed around Dublin.(5)

October ,Waterford - Fox killers  have their vehicles damaged as they dig out foxes with terriers and lurchers.(6)




2009 - February - the ALF , in collaboration with the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT), send DVD's containing footage taken by the ALF from inside all 6 fur farms in the Republic Of Ireland to every elected TD in the State, exposing the cruelty of the $2 million per year industry and urging they ban this vicious trade. Footage shows animals in distress displaying symptoms of psychosis.(1)

watch  the footage here -

and here  -

and here -

and here -

July, Dublin -communique from the ALF - " Duffy's Circus  targeted. Trucks and cars were sabotaged, wires cut, locks glued and property was damaged. A clear message was painted for them, so they would know the reason behind this attack: STOP USING ANIMALS ;

later in the month the circus was hit again - 2 trucks and 5 cars spray painted and locks welded,1 van treated with paint remover ; Also two anglers vehicles  had their locks glued tight as they were hauling bodies from the water."(2)

August  -  a hunting and fishing shop in Lucan is spray painted and has its locks glued shut. The messages read 'A.L.F.: STOP SELLING DEATH' and the ALF symbol.(3)

September, Dublin - Ninety AUSTRALIAN SUPER CIRCUS SYDNEY advertising billboards were destroyed .This circus, formerly part of Circus Vegas, is notorious for attacking protestors and for releasing animals on to major roads as advertising stunts.(4)

October, Dublin - Over 20 premises including pet shops, bookmakers, fur shops, butchers and fast food restaurants spray painted and locks glued.(5)

sign sabbed.png
above - Co.Waterford - large advertising sign for a fund raiser for the local foxhunt vandalised.(6)
nazi fur shop.png

BLACKSHIRTED  Marie Murphy goose-stepping from Court in 2011, singing the "Horst Wessel" no doubt.

December,Dublin - 1 McDonalds,3 butchers,1 pet shop,1 fur shop and 6 bookmakers all have their locks glued.(7)

Dublin - a NARA protester outside furriers A Star is Born in Dublin city  is  assaulted by the Shop owner, 61 year old Marie Murphy. Murphy violently shoved into campaigner Laura Broxson from behind, pushing her into the gutter. Laura got up and shoved Murphy back and was struck in the mouth as a result.

 In an act of stunning hypocrisy, Murphy then called Laura a Nazi, adding "I've been wanting to do that for ages". A person whose trade consists of caging millions of animals in what are essentially concentration camps before gassing them calls someone opposed to that a Nazi....Murphy also accused the 4 demonstrators present of vandalising her shop recently.

Murphy was found guilty at Trial in 2011 and fined 500 Euro for assault causing injury. She should have received another 6 months for calling Laura a Nazi (8).

Laura continued with a Civil case for personal injury against Murphy and was awarded 9000 Euro in 2013. Murphy also had to pay Court costs, which typically run into four figures.



2010 - January, Dublin - a KFC's in Bray is attacked by a new group calling itself RAGE - Resistance Against Global Evil. Bricks chucked at windows and door but no significant damage done.(1)

Febuary, Belfast -  a self-described  'lone wolf' activist of the ALF & several tubes of super glue, visits the following premises  - 2 butchers shops, 2 bookmakers shops and 1 hunting/fishing tackle shop. The locks of these premises are thoroughly glued.(2)

March, Belfast - locks glued up at a butchers and bookmakers shops.(3)

July, Dublin - Duffys circus posters slashed in Goatstown.(4)

August, Belfast - ALF glue up locks of 6 shops including butchers, bookmakers and hunting stores.(5)

September, Dublin - 40 posters advertising the  Super Australian Circus destroyed ; later in ther month the home of the owner of Barnardos furriers was attacked with red paint and gates chained and padlocked.(6)

Belfast -  2 Butchers shops and 2 Betting shops have their doors & window shutters and are made unopenable for the next day's 'trade'.(7)

Kildare - 40 more Super Australian Circus posters  destroyed in Maynooth.(8)

Donegal - ALF open 1000 cages in a mink farm near Ardara, freeing 5000 mink. The animals were due to be culled in the coming weeks.(9)

2011  - March, Dublin - Letter left at family home of Barnardos fur shop owner, stating simply DROP FUR OR DROP DEAD. Family car covered in paint stripper, note pinned with a knife  to a bike owned by a staff member asking they withdraw from the trade or expect reprecusions. Staff members home address included in note.(1)

LEONARD IS A MORAN - November, Mayo, Ballina- Four NARA activists hold a small, peaceful picket outside the premises of two adjoining Companies that experiment on animals- Ovagen and Charles Rivers Laboratories. The CEO of Ovagen, ex-rugby player Leonard Moran, emerges out of a hedge wielding a hammer and punched activist Laura Broxson in the face. "I have been tormented by this individual (Laura). She's like a little terrier in and around my house" he pleaded to the Judge. This was NARA's tenth demonstration at the Labs. Moran explained that his assault on Laura wouldn't have even earned him "a yellow card on the rugby field". In any case, Moran stated to the police he "didn't care if they protested 365 days a year", it didn't bother him and that's why he ran through a hedge with a hammer in his hand to get at them. He had also recently spent one million Euro on security for his business premises.(2)Moran was found guilty and put on probation. Laura then pursued a Civil case against him and was awarded 10,000 Euro plus costs. True to form ,Moran paid only 5000 Euro to her lawyers and nothing to Laura. 

April, Dublin- Barnardos and  Rohu furriers and various butchers shops in city centre have their locks glued; Also in Dublin, a car with pro-hunting stickers on it is damaged .(3)

Dublin - Neil Lenoach, aged 24, becomes Republic Of Irelands first person to be jailed for animal-rights related offences, of a unique kind,  when he is imprisoned for 3 years for launching a pepper-spray attack on customers and staff at a KFC in Bray last February.

LEN WOLF - Lenoach entered the restaurant in a balaclava carrying a baton and pepper spray and immediately began spraying the two customers and one staff member present. Police arrived quickly and arrested Leonach as he made his way out the emergency exit. Although a violent and unusual act, it was apparently motivated by the genuine distress Neil felt about the way society treats animals, particularly in the fast-food industry. Lenoachs mother states in the media that Neil had long been interested in animal welfare and was tormented by thoughts of animals suffering. Neil's' Solicitor argued Neil suffered from mild Asperger's and urged it to be a mitigating factor but the Judge dismissed this argument.(4)

Neil has no association with the ALF or any other animal rights groups.

 above - from Evening Herald,Monday March 7th 2011






















































2012 - January, Co. Meath – vehicles belonging to Fingal Harriers hunt club damaged .Tyres slashed and bodywork scratched.(1)

March, Co. Meath - unattended hunt vehicles damaged with paint stripper by ALF.(2)



2013  - May, Dublin - Locks glued at Barnardo Furs, Rohu Furs, and Sydney Vard Furriers.(1)

October, Dublin - over 50 Duffy's posters destroyed by ALF ; Also all 4 of Dublin's fur retail shops have locks glued and paint thrown over them. 'Fur Scum' daubed on shutters ; 50 large Duffy's circus posters destroyed.(2)


2014 - January, Co. Down -Co. Down - new group of hunt saboteurs close down local hunt from even starting by simply turning up and freaking the hunt out. The hunt claimed to be outraged by the presence of the saboteurs and insisted the saboteurs attendance was "contravening the rules outlined in the Parades Commission for lawful assembly". The huntsmen's civil rights were being denied but at the same time "not a days hunting has been lost" they fumed.(1)

ni sabs 3.png
galway mcd.png


LET US SPRAY- The images above and right are of Rafal Smolinski, a 29 year old Polish man who got into an argument with the staff at Galway McDonalds in March 2014. Rafel took exception to a comment made by one of the staff about Rafel's mother as he ate his burger. He lashed out with his feet, fists and a can of pepper spray. Watch the video till the end to see Rafel pull a moonie at the restaurant. (One imagines a young Richard Martin ,MP, getting in on the action if he had happened to be passing by, pistols blazing and to hell with the consequences!)

Rafel was arrested immediately afterwards and held on bail. Its unsure what his sentence was. I include this here because it probably looked very similar to the attack carried out by Neil Leonach and also because i spent many a Saturday afternoon protesting outside this very restaurant in the mid 1990's.

Watch video of the incident here -

check the customer politely asking " can i get a cheeseburger" at 0.34 during all the chaos.


"you want to fuck my mother?" 


above - KICK IT TILL IT BREAKS -  security guard quickly realising holding the door shut wont stop Rafel from kicking his way through

above - Here some sabs are staring down the huntsmen.Check out the old fella with the shovel.picture from the Belfast Telegraph,Monday October 27th 2014.


NI sabs 1.png
above - here are the rest of the sabs. Don't they know they're potentially contravening the rules outlined for civilian assembly? Oh my giddy Aunt! Inform the Parades Commision !  Belfast Telegraph,Monday October 27th 2014.

June, Co. Laois - ALF visit Vasa fur farm in Laois. Gates D-locked and entrance pillars spray painted.(2)

 October, Dublin,( Santry, Blancherstown & Ballymun) - Over 40 Duffy's circus posters destroyed.(3)

Dublin - $7000 worth of fur coats in Harvey Nichols shop, Dundrum, destroyed with chewing gum. Surprisingly effective!(4)

November, Dublin - Barnardos, Sydney Vale, Paula Rowan and Rohu fur shops all have locks glued and walls spray painted by the ALF on Halloween night. Activists presumably dressed as animals.....(5)

Barnardos furs.png
- above- BRICKY WINDOWS - Barnardo furriers, Grafton Street, Dublin - a favourite ALF haunt. 
- above - Laura Broxson and another activist reach in to rescue the lobsters as diners looked on.
Watch the worlds first open lobster rescue here -

December - new activist group called the Hunt Retribution Group attack pubs who host fox hunt meets. Pubs in Louth, Meath, the Midlands and Cork damaged.(6)


2015 - May, Dublin city - animal activists from a number of groups including the National Animal Rights Association enter the 'Ka-Shing' restaurant in Wicklow St. during opening hours and remove 9 lobsters from the fishtank in the window display.The lobsters are driven to the beach where they are released into the sea.This is the worlds first successful open lobster rescue!(1)

lob lib 2.png
Man bites dog? NO! Woman Pinches Lobster! above - Laura Broxson,one of the lobster liberators and founder of the National Animal Rights Association,  Evening Herald,May 15th,2015.

2016 -January - A disruption of toilet facilities at the Pillo Hotel in County Meath was carried out due to the hotels support for the hunting revellers after the Ward Union Hunt Ball.(1)

March, Dublin, Granard- All 80 (expensive) circus signs for the Renz circus destroyed.(2)


2017 - no recorded actions


2018  - Donegal - four NARA activists manage to gain access to a fur farm in Gleties, Donegal by pretending to the staff that they were simply lost tourists. They asked for directions, got chatting and then casually asked if they could have a look inside the farm, out of curiosity. Their hidden cameras captured the squalid conditions the 1-year old mink  are caged in. The action was part of an ongoing anti-fur campaign by NARA.(1)


2019 - July, Co. Westmeath - 80 'Meat the Victims' activists trespass onto a pig farm in Raharny and document the cruelty and horror taking place. This was the groups first action. No damage was done and no animals rescued but the media ran with it. Predictably faux-outraged and hypocritical reaction from the Irish Farmers Asociation.(1)

see video of action here -

meat vic.png
  • Meat the Victims activists on the way to the farm

meat vic 1.png
  • activists inside the farm-both pictures from the Irish Times, July 3rd, 2019

April, Co. Laois, Vicarstown - ALF D-lock gates and spray paint slogans on walls of premises of a fur farm.(2)


2020 - January, Co. Antrim - 40 activists from  Meat the Victims entered a farm in Ballymena, Northern Ireland on Tuesday morning and ‘released’ a pig The group posted live video footage of their actions whilst on the farm as well as photos of the animals. Some photos contained images of dead pigs and others that had been injured. During the course of the visit, which started at 4.30am, the group identified one pig that they wanted to ‘save’ and took it from the farm. Police officers did attend the scene but later said no criminal action had taken place.(1)

meat vic 3.png
meat vic 2.png
“The farming community reached out to us due to

the overwhelming amount of harassment they were

experiencing from local mounted hunts"
- Janice Watt,NI League Against Cruel Sports speaking to Farming Life magazine, Feb. 15, 2020.

-February 15, - Downpatrick, Northern Ireland - Politicians, Farmers and the local branch of  the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) meet up to discuss how best to keep unwanted hunters from wrecking property and potentially spreading disease like TB across the countryside. LACS are providing practical legal advice and support to farmers who have had enough of roaming gangs of stupidly-dressed foxhunters tearing up land and damaging infrastructure and threatening anyone who questions them. One hunt supporter was recently arrested for intimidating behaviour against a farmer who asked he get off his land.(3)

June 25, Co. Armagh - ALF take 35 ducks being bred as shooting targets from Castledillon Estate and rehome them away from the guns of psychopaths. Two hunt huts on the Estate also destroyed.(4)

2021 - June 14, East Ireland - two magpies released from cruel Larsen trap and trap destroyed.

August - three wooden hunting towers destroyed, location unknown.

listen to the author talk about this epoch of the animal movement with Roger Yates -ex ALF spokesperson back in the 1980's - on his podcast from October 2023 -


Screenshot 2023-11-02 170047.png

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